The Re-enslavement of Black America: How Liberal Policies Enslave Minorities

Liberals like to refer to themselves as “progressive.” Having not only witnessed their agenda (which is far from “progressive”), but been a victim of it, I challenge that assertion. The word ‘progressive’ implies moving forward, toward something better. Yet, liberals preach policies that do the opposite. For example, how can anyone believe that moving from a capitalist economic structure to a socialist one is good for America?

This slide toward Socialism is not progressive, it’s regressive. Here’s why. The U.S. has progressed significantly since its founding days when human slavery was prominent on its soil. No thinking American wants to regress to those days. Yet, the very policies espoused by liberal thinking would move us back to the same type of policies that existed within the states during the slave era. Slaves were not free to choose with whom to associate, for whom to work, with whom to live. Slaves lived in a tyrannical system. Liberal policies re-institute such systems.

The inability to freely choose individuals and businesses with whom to associate is an indicator of a socialist mindset. Being forced to purchase something one may not want or need is tyrannical. Not being able to purchase items one may want because they aren’t “made by the right people” is communistic. And the impossibility of being able to safely travel anywhere within the borders of one’s country is inexcusable. Living under those strictures is not far removed from living in slavery. Such an environment is one of economic slavery, and the U.S. government has placed us all on a fast train to that destination.

Basic economics and human nature indicate that any attempt to “reform” the government, as our current Administration is attempting, will push all Americans into economic slavery. Why would any American want to re-institute slavery? Whether it’s physical or economic, slavery is slavery. Can any sane person consider a move toward slavery to be ’progressive’? Such a move is regressive!

I’ve witnessed leftist policies in the U.S. successfully start us down the path of re-enslaving Americans – in particular, minority Americans. Policies that restrict our freedom to choose with whom we associate – in education, business, or socially – are policies that enslave. Policies that restrict an individual’s behavior – regardless whether that behavior directly affects others – restrict individual freedom. By convincing minorities that their life in America is dependent on what the U.S. government can give them is the epitome of arrogance and insulting to the very idea of freedom in America. Those who believe that they know what’s best for minorities are either misguided idiots or tyrants.

Black (and all minority) Americans who only listen to the promises of those who would be tyrants do themselves no favor when they agree with those policies. They either know, or refuse to admit, that acceptance of such promises serve only to restrict the very freedom to choose that’s so critical for success in modern America. Our constitutional form of government places individual liberty, not government control, at the top of governance hierarchy. In the United States, it’s the individual, not government, who reigns supreme. But, that’s only possible when government implements policies that encourage individual responsibility, rather than policies that attack freedom. Only then can the United States achieve the potential given it in our Constitution.

So, to all you liberals who think the U.S. Constitution is too limiting, you’re either socialist or tyrannical. The Constitution works for those who believe in freedom. I’m One Black American who doesn’t want to see this country regress to a lesser form of government.